LABS is focused on life and business solutions

We have formed close working relationships with regulators and government officials in all major jurisdictions to help the industry evolve while keeping our clients stay abreast of market trends, opportunities and new regulations.


Depending on your needs, we offer the following quality services.

International tax planning is about selecting the most favourable jurisdictions for your business and creating structures that suites your unique needs and that are tax efficient.

With licensed partners in most favourable jurisdictions, we can provide a full spectrum of company formation services. Thus, you will have the opportunity to concentrate on your priority - building your business.

Our team will assist you with the selection of the bank that best meets your requirements and the related preparation and submission of bank account opening formalities.

International business requires to maintain accurate and timely accounting and financial reporting. Increasingly, corporate clients outsource many or all of their company’s accounting and reporting functions to us. 

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Our knowledge and expertise allows us to provide the most adequate and best-working solutions that will protect you and your business from internal and external claims.

Have you ever consider changing of country of living? Or maybe you were forced to reallocate your family and business abroad? Or you an employee moving for work?

It’s not a secret that yachts, private jets and helicopters are very special assets that have to be treated accordingly. Starting from purchasing of such assets and finalizing with retirement or selling, there are a lot of moments that have to be taken into account, and we can help.

Tax legislation is rightfully considered to be one of the most difficult to understand and frequently changing areas of law. That is why it is necessary to rely on the advice of practitioners in tax matters.

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